Termination of Pregnancy in the Netherlands

Information on who to contact and how to proceed in the event of an unwanted pregnancy in the Netherlands...

The Netherlands has one of the lowest abortion rates in the world. Contraception is widely available and (aside from condoms) free of charge.

Termination of pregnancy (IVG) is legal on request up to 24 weeks after conception. In order to remain within the time limit most doctors perform the procedure up to 21 weeks and some days after conception.

Abortions for medical reasons may be performed in the 24th week at the latest.

Since the Termination of Pregnancy Act came into force in 1984, abortions are free of charge under the government-sponsored national health insurance system. The Exceptional Medical Expenses Fund covers the cost of the operation.

Foreigners may have an abortion in the Netherlands but are liable for all expenses.

The Process

A woman seeking to terminate a pregnancy must consult a doctor who will discuss alternative solutions with her. If the woman decides to continue with the termination there is an obligatory five-day period for reflection between the first visit to the doctor and the procedure itself.

The five-day time delay is not required in the case of a termination carried out up to 16 days after menstruation was due.

The operating doctor is obliged to:

  • Consult personally with the woman prior to the abortion
  • Advise her on the different options available
  • Inform her of the medical risks
  • Minors (under 18 years of age) need parental consent

The abortion pill is available in the Netherlands and can be taken up to 49 days after the first day of the last menstruation.

Abortion Clinics in the Netherlands

The termination must be carried out in a hospital or clinic licensed to perform abortions.

There are 18 specialised clinics in the Netherlands. The Dutch Abortion Clinics Foundation, StiSAN, proves a list of abortion clinics on its website.

  • To find an abortion clinic in the Netherlands: Click here (in Dutch) and then click on the map to find an address of an abortion clinic
Further Information
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